Tips To Choose The Right Banquet Halls

Usually, one of the first decisions that the bride and groom make, and one of the ones that most concerns them is the choice of the wedding hall where they will celebrate the banquet. Currently, there are many spaces dedicated to them: hotels, farmhouses, restaurants with and without a garden, castles… If you want to choose the best one for you, you must take into account some factors:

The theme and style of your wedding

It is essential to be clear about the style of our wedding before choosing the hall. The bride and groom must be clear about how they want their ceremony to be and based on this, prepare the planning for it.


The first thing we must be clear about is where we should celebrate our wedding. It is usually done in the place of residence of the bride and groom, although it is increasingly common to carry out Destination Weddings in which the bride and groom and the guests move to a different place. 

Once we are clear about the area where we will celebrate it, we must choose what suits us best. Forex: Choosing the Banquet halls In Mira road would be perfect if you are living in north Mumbai. 

Also, take into account the schedules of each thing to make sure you can move between the two points without having to run. That day the important thing is to enjoy ourselves, so we must try to avoid this type of detail that can make us more nervous.

  1. Do you offer accommodation?

In some cases, it is something irrelevant, but in many it is essential. Whether you have family or friends coming from out of town or you expect it to last until late, having accommodation can be a great help for many guests. Whether it’s because they don’t want to drive after the party or need a place to sleep and prefer not to travel afterward, it can be a deciding factor in helping many guests RSVP.

In addition, many of them usually offer special prices for their guests and some even give away a night in the Bridal Suite so that the bride and groom can extend this very special day as long as possible.

Characteristics of the Space

Another very important point is to know the characteristics of the space. Before we start looking at wedding venues, we need to draft the guest list to know what capacity we need. Some brides and grooms have found that the contracted room was smaller than they thought and not all the guests could fit, while in other cases they can contract one that is too large that giving us a feeling of emptiness.

Once the number of people is clear, we will make sure that the capacity is adequate and we will ask the salon if there is any supplement for not reaching a minimum number of people or in case many cancel.

After this, we will take into account if the room has the space we need. If, for example, we have always dreamed of a garden wedding, we will confirm with them that it is possible to have the ceremony in this space. We also recommend checking that the number of bathrooms is adequate for the number of guests and that we ask if they have private parking for them (and how many spaces they have so that we can calculate if they will be enough).

Venue decoration

Based on the previous point, we can see what type of decoration we can use for our event. Each wedding hall has a different distribution, so the decoration used in one will surely not be the best for another. For this, it is best to have professionals, since there are so many points that influence that we can surely overlook some.

If we want to achieve the perfect decoration, we must take into account the dimensions of the place, the distribution of the tables, the areas where guests and waiters pass, the areas to which we want to give greater prominence, and the light sockets in case of needing electrical appliances. …

Also ask in the room about the possibilities they offer in terms of crockery, cutlery, and table linen. In any case, if none of them convinces you, you can always hire an external company dedicated to it.

The perfect decoration for our wedding is made up of all the elements involved in it, so we must coordinate everything and imagine how our dream wedding will look in the space in front of us.

Exclusivity of the Wedding Hall

Another point that usually generates conflict is whether we will have that beautiful room that we have chosen just for our guests and us. Perhaps the farmhouse celebrates only one wedding a day and allows us to extend the party for more hours. Or maybe we have a room for our wedding and the one next door for another and we will share the parking with your guests. To avoid surprises, it is best to find out about these points beforehand. We should also find out if the bathrooms are private or if they will be shared with the rest of the celebrations. This is very important in the event that we want to offer amenities in the bathrooms to our guests since in this way we will know if we can do it or not. In Places like Andheri East, There are many banquet halls, that have a bunch of exclusive wedding venues, If you are looking for an exotic one then, Do check the banquet halls in Andheri.

The Budget

Usually, this is the item that concentrates the largest part of the budget, so any small variation in the price “per person” can mean a large sum as a whole. You should know that not all salons offer the same services (or even if they offer them, they are not included in the price), so it is essential to compare each of the options with a magnifying glass to find the most convenient one. A good way to do it is to create an Excel sheet in which we include those services that we want to have, pointing out the price of each one depending on the room to be able to compare it quickly. If we have a Wedding Planner, she will help us enormously with this task and will save us a significant amount of time. Also,

The Professional Team

In my opinion, this is the most important point of all. We can have a beautiful place that suits all our dreams, but if its workers are not professional, they can ruin the most important day of our lives. It has happened to all of us to go to a restaurant and get angry when we see that they take time to serve us or we have disliked the tone of voice of a worker when addressing us. On such a unique day and with so many guests, this can be fatal.

At this point, intuition is usually a great ally, which can help us see behaviors that show that they are not professional people. A good way to see them in action can be to try to go to lunch before hiring (although in some places it is not possible) or to pay attention to every detail while talking to them. A good professional will speak with confidence, will solve all our doubts, will give us ideas to get the most out of the space and the menu, and will show correctness…

Luckily, in Spain, we have great professionals who will make everything easier for us and who will be an added value so that everything is perfect.

Provider exclusivity

Attention because this point is also very important and usually gives many headaches. It is essential to inform you about the exclusivity of suppliers of each space. Usually, places with a kitchen tend to have catering exclusivity and do not allow hiring external companies, but in some cases, this goes further. Some salons force the bride and groom to work with a particular DJ, florist, or photographer. Even some do not allow you to take that beautiful fondant cake with which you have been dreaming for months. Do not be afraid to ask about this point, and in case it has any exclusivity, inform you about the provider. With this, you will ensure that you do not have to carry a DJ who is not your style or a photographer who is not the one with whom you have so much feeling.

As you can see, there are several factors that are very important to take into account when choosing a place to celebrate this special day. Our advice is that you visit several places before deciding on one and that you resolve all your doubts before signing with them. We are sure that you will find that beautiful place that you have always dreamed of!

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