The 5 most important Android checks

The 5 most important Android checks

The smartphone dominates many people’s lives. Although everyone’s lives balance differently, it’s safe to say that most people’s phones contain a ton of valuable data, from photos to games, from contacts to music, and so on. if you are an android user then these are The 5 most important Android checks that you much do in your phone.

The 5 most important Android checks
The 5 most important Android checks

You should maintain your data wealth consistently to ensure that you remain in control – imagine cleaning your teeth, but your phone is the toothbrush. As part of our monthly series, we will cover five safety and security checks you should regularly perform on your Android device.

Below are The 5 most important Android checks

Check your apps

The first thing you need to do is look at the installed applications. Delete everything you do not need ruthlessly. It will be a productive day for you. Consequently, you’ll have more space on your phone, and performance will be better (memory doesn’t work well when complete).

As a bonus, battery life will improve if a long-forgotten app runs in the background. Third, if you remove any malicious apps from your phone, you will be less target for spies and thieves. An otherwise legitimate app can be hacked or use a malicious library in the app code if the developer unknowingly did so. It means that there are fewer apps on the market.

It is necessary to check permissions.

Let’s look at the apps you use again now that you have trimmed the list to those you use. Installing a new app should not involve handing out unnecessary permissions. As an app’s permissions increase, it can do more on the device and collect more data about you. Consequently, give each application the minimal requirements to function and be user-friendly.

You should use caution when granting permissions related to device admin apps or accessibility – only grant them if you fully trust the app.

Updates are available

Keeping up to date is vital to protect yourself from vulnerabilities, which means you are less vulnerable to attacks. To make sure that the latest versions of Google Play apps are downloaded, go to the store and check for updates. By not downloading from the official store, you will be responsible for tracking updates manually (which we strongly advise against).

It’s another story when it comes to Android updates. You can get updates manually instead of having the smartphone install them automatically during the next auto-update. By doing so, you will be covered against potential threats in advance.

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Use an antivirus program to scan

The Google Play store has an antivirus called Google Play Protect, which scans apps before uploading. It means that apps downloaded from the official store are probably safe.

Sometimes there are exceptions (CamScanner is one of them). The Android Play store, at least, detects and removes malicious apps. The security of apps from other app stores or APK files that you manually download to your smartphone cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it would be best to scan your smartphone periodically with a mobile antivirus application.

Make sure no data is leaked

You are most likely keeping a lot of personal information on your Android device, from photos to social networking apps with all your messages. However, data leaks have become more common over the past few years. Using your password or bank card number can result in your account being frozen or fraud being committed against you. Knowing about leaks is therefore extremely important.

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