Rainy Day Grilling Tips: 5 Tips For Tasting Great Meat

Rainy Day Grilling Tips: 5 Tips For Tasting Great Meat

Grilling in the rain is something many of us have experienced, especially when we have backyard barbecues. In the case of heavy grilling (too heavy to stop), you have some options for continuing to cook the food that’s on it. The best part is that you can come prepared, especially if you expect rain, but you have to light the grill anyway!

Rainy Day Grilling Tips: 5 Tips For Tasting Great Meat
Rainy Day Grilling Tips: 5 Tips For Tasting Great Meat

Several tips on how to grill like a professional on a rainy day are provided below:

Get shelter

If you want to keep on grilling, no matter the weather, you should build a permanently covered grilling station. You might be able to use temporary solutions if this is not possible. You can protect your porch or patio from the sun, rain, and wind by investing in a BBQ canopy or retractable awning.

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Prepare your food in advance.

You may want to pre-cook your food in your kitchen if you plan a BBQ session on a day when there will be some rain. For example, you can reverse sear burgers or steaks to grill them. You would sear them in the oven on low and finish them on the grill.

You would wrap your vegetables.

Make a packet out of tin foil by wrapping various vegetables together. To minimize time spent in the rain, grill them all together rather than separately.

Wear a windbreaker.

You will have the wind on your side when grilling in a downpour. You will be unable to protect yourself from the wind with your umbrella, tarp, or canopy. A piece of plywood or similar material can be used as a “wall.”

Temperature control for your grill

To ensure that your food won’t be affected by the rain, you should control the temperature of your grill while it’s raining. When grilling with charcoal, it may be necessary to add more charcoal. Expect burner blowouts when you use a gas grill. You should turn off the gas, open your lid for a few minutes to let the gas escape, and then turn it back on.

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