How to use snap layouts in Windows 11

How to use snap layouts in Windows 11

One of the most valuable features in Windows 11, Snap layouts may not seem revolutionary, but they’re straight-up useful. In place of Windows 10’s drag-and-drop functionality, snap structures make it easy to arrange your apps neatly and efficiently on your desktop, making them easier to view all at once. Here’s How to use snap layouts in Windows 11.

How to use snap layouts in Windows 11
How to use snap layouts in Windows 11

(This is undoubtedly a better solution than the constant Alt-Tab switching between apps.)

Follow these steps:

  • You can maximize it by hovering over the maximize icon in the upper right corner of an app or pressing Win-Z. With a large monitor, you can choose from six different grid layouts. Different zone configurations are included in each structure.
  • Navigate to the zone where you want to place your active app after choosing a layout. Click on it once it becomes blue. It will position your functioning app. This will set your functional app.
  • You may see a thumbnail of other apps in another zone if you use them. You can choose the location all open apps should be in by pressing Alt-Tab. If it is situated in the site you desire, you can select if it is located in the zone you want. You can choose it directly by clicking on it if it is situated in your desired spot.

The Alt-Tab key can help you figure out where each app is or how to locate it in the Taskbar when you’re rearranging. If you get confused, use the Taskbar to find each app.)

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Now you’re ready to go!

This has been updated to reflect your snap layout. If you hover over one of the apps in your structure in the Taskbar, you will see both its thumbnail and the layout group to which it belongs. You can click either thumbnail.

Do you want to maximize an app in your layout? You can do so by clicking its icon. Once you click on it again, the app returns to its previous configuration.


If you go to “Settings” > “System” > “Multitasking,” you’ll see a range of options you can choose based on your needs. When you hover over the maximize icon or the app icon on your Taskbar, you can opt not to have the snap layout feature appear. It is also possible to disable the feature altogether.

Click here to learn how it works.

If this is your first time using snap layouts, it may take some getting used to, primarily when visualizing which apps should go. However, as soon as the forms are set up, you may find that you can easily monitor your Twitter or Slack account while watching a video or working on a document. Although you might feel crowded if you have more than two apps open simultaneously on a small screen, it’s worth trying to see what works for you.

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