How to use Google Pay

How to use Google Pay

Google Pay is a digital wallet and online payment system to make it as convenient as possible for you to make purchases. With Gmail integration, it will automatically import loyalty cards, tickets, and offers from your Gmail account so you can pay quickly anywhere your Google account is logged in. You can use Google Pay at most significant markets, gas stations, and storefronts. Here’s how to use Google Pay.

How to use Google Pay
How to use Google Pay


Getting Google Pay up and running is simple. An Android phone, a Wear OS watch, or a computer with a Google account is required to use Google Pay. A PayPal account, a debit/credit card, and a Google account are also required. It is also possible to use an iOS device. We will talk about how to use Google Pay with your Android phone in this article.


Google Pay may ask you to accept its terms of service and privacy policy when you first open the app. Following the sign-up process, we will walk you through adding a payment method to your account.

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G Pay’s main screen provides access to a variety of features. Aside from using contactless payments, you can send and request funds, view offers from Google partners, and track your spending with just four buttons.

Tap the “Ready to pay” button at the top of the screen or select “Pay contactless” to go to a page where you can enter payment information. The exact page shows the credit cards and other financial sources you’ve registered with G Pay. (Note that some readers may accept the electronic payment without you having to open the app.)

A new credit card can be added, as well as a PayPal account, by swiping across. You may already see your other cards listed when tapping on “Add a payment method” if you have already used your card or your PayPal account to purchase on Google Play – say, an app or a movie. However, you will have to enable them to make payments contactless.

A label shows you various sponsored deals, while a dollar sign shows how much you’ve spent. Below these three icons are links to your home screen and your spending insights. Here you can link your bank account and any other account you wish.

In addition, you can find businesses that accept G Pay by swiping down on the home screen, along with a list of people you’ve sent money to and requested money from. Go to the Google Pay account page if you wish to manage your account online.


With Google Pay, you can use your credit card anywhere you see the G Pay logo on a credit card terminal. It’s just removing your phone from its case and placing it near the terminal’s contact point.


Rather than your actual card number, it shares a temporary, encrypted number with merchants that Google protects. Click here to read more about Google’s privacy and security controls.

You can use Find My Device to find your phone if it is lost from any computer with your Google account. Your phone can be remotely locked, located, and wiped from there.

Go into the settings of the Google Pay app to monitor the security of your account. Choose Settings > Privacy & security > Data & personalization from your personal icon in the upper-right corner. Using this section, you can choose whether Google can share your information with third parties to market to them, share information about your creditworthiness, or whether other Google companies can share your information for marketing purposes.

Google Play also lets you decide how you authorize purchases and whether Google can access other information such as Gmail bills within the Privacy & Security pane.

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