How to Turn Off Voice Control on iPhone

How to Turn Off Voice Control on iPhone

Have you ever accidentally opened Voice Control while pressing and holding down the Home or Side buttons on your iPhone? The feature can be turned off and the button rendered inactive if necessary. Learn how.

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You can launch Siri or Voice Control with the Home (or Side) button on your iPhone. The guide includes instructions on setting the switch not to act. It is possible to activate the Voice Control feature again if you change your mind.

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Disable Voice Control on iPhone

Using the iPhone’s Settings app, remove Voice Control first.

To access this feature, tap “Settings” and then “Accessibility.” If you do not see this option, tap “General” and then “Accessibility.”

There are different accessibility options depending on whether or not your iPhone has a Home button.

You can select “Side Button” if your iPhone lacks a Home button. You can choose “Home Button” if you have an iPhone with a physical Home button.

Click “Off” in the “Press and Hold to Speak” section of the screen that opens. If you hold down the Home or Side button, Voice Control will not launch.

Later, select “Voice Control” to enable Voice Control.

It’s that simple. You won’t be bothered by that feature anymore. Have a hassle-free iPhone experience!

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