How to fix common iPhone problems 

How to reset or reboot your iPhone and iPad

A perfect system works regardless of whether you’re using an iPhone running iOS 6 or an older phone with outdated software. According to real-life, iPhones work until they do not, frequently when you need them the most. Like any sophisticated and complex machine, it can malfunction at any time. Troubleshooting your iPhone is simple for the most part. Try these things before calling Apple Support or visiting the Genius Bar if you’re having trouble using your Apple device or services. Learn How to fix common iPhone problems.

How to fix common iPhone problems 
How to fix common iPhone problems 

What are the steps to restart, reboot, and recover your iPhone?

A cliché is meant to serve a purpose in a troubleshooting guide for your iPhone. Often, a simple restart can fix anything from a drained battery to a faulty WiFi or Bluetooth connection to an app that doesn’t work. If necessary, you can turn the computer off and on again or even power it down and on again.

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Reboots are sometimes not enough. Alternatively, you can re-install iOS entirely by putting your iPhone into recovery or device firmware update mode (DFU) if something goes wrong seriously.

It is also possible to reset just a few items instead of everything! Resetting the phone’s settings is simple:

  • Removing the network
  • Erasing content
  • Rearranging the Home screen
  • Dumping the location and privacy information

Why does your iPhone not charge, have terrible battery life, or won’t shut off or start?

There is nothing worse than having power problems. Thus, your iPhone cannot always be relied upon to perform. The good news is that sometimes you can fix your iPhone problems even if the device does not charge, is draining too quickly even when it’s charged, or won’t turn off or won’t turn back on.

What can I do if I cannot connect to WiFi or Bluetooth?

I’m having trouble connecting. Sorry. Bluetooth broadcasts and establishes connections; WiFi locks on and transmits data; both are required for AirDrop to function. Although it may seem improbable that any of this could work, it should work every time. We need to get it right. You can try the following suggestions if your connection is not working.

What if it doesn’t work?

There will sometimes be problems you can’t solve on your own, despite all our efforts. To escalate such cases, you should contact Apple directly: You can contact the company by phone at 1-800-MY-APPLE, by tweeting them @apple_support, by visiting, or by visiting your nearest Apple Store.

How can we help you solve your problems?

Are you experiencing a problem with your iPhone that this guide isn’t addressing? Are there any solutions that you could suggest? If so, please share them in the comments!

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