How to Fix Apple Devices That Won’t Sync

The iPad/iPhone is generally detected when it is connected to your computer via iTunes on the PC via the Devices section in the left column, indicating a connection. You can proceed as you wish. For example, create a backup of your Apple device. However, what do you do if your iPhone or iPad does not sync with iTunes? Learn How to Fix Apple Devices That Won’t Sync.

How to Fix Apple Devices That Won't Sync
How to Fix Apple Devices That Won’t Sync

You needn’t worry. You can easily resolve this problem if you are a new Apple user. As part of the article, we provide some suggestions for resolving this problem. Now let’s see what you can do in the case of an Apple device that won’t sync with iTunes!

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Verify the iPhone/iPad cable

The cable connecting your iPhone or iPad to your PC might be a problem if your PC does not recognize your Apple device. If you can still not sync iTunes with your iPhone/iPad, then you can try to plug the USB cable into a different port on the computer. If the USB cable is not defective or has no issue, you can try to plug it into another port on the computer. A failing port on your PC will start working when the last port does not.

Restart the PC as well as the iPad

If you have already checked your USB cable and PC port but still experience the iTunes sync issues, you should perform this trick. Please restart your PC and Apple device. A simple restart or reboot can resolve many computer and Apple device issues. To restart your PC, you have to turn it off, wait a few moments, and then turn it back on.

For a restart, hold down the Sleep/Wake button and the home button until you see the Apple logo appear. As soon as you restart both devices, you can attempt to connect them to your Apple device so you can access iTunes. Hopefully, that will resolve the issue.

Install iTunes again

You should reinstall the iTunes app if you continue to have problems syncing iTunes on your iPhone/iPad. Before doing so, uninstall iTunes from your computer first. You can find iTunes by opening the Start Menu on your Windows PC, going to Control Panel, selecting Programs and Features, and scrolling until you find it. Afterwards, you need to right-click on the icons with your mouse and choose “uninstall.” Now that you have done that, you can install the latest version of the iTunes app on your PC. I hope it will now work, and your Apple device will sync with iTunes.

You should sell your older iPhone or iPad if you own the oldest model, as it is likely damaged or has reached old age. If you have tried all the above tricks and still have the problem, you should replace it.

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