How To Create Drop Down List In Google Sheets?

HOW TO How to How To Create Drop Down List In Google Sheets?

Your data entry process can be dynamic by using Google Sheets dropdown lists. Add dropdowns to maintain spreadsheets to make adding frequently-used options easier. You are not required to use two spreadsheets to create dropdown lists, but I have personally found it more effective for managing dropdowns in large-scale projects. We’ll use two different spreadsheets for this tutorial to create our dropdown list. here in this tutorial will teach you how to create dropdown lists in Google Sheets.

How To Create Drop Down List In Google Sheets?
How To Create Drop Down List In Google Sheets?

How to Create Your Drop Down List in Google Sheets

Using Spreadsheets

  • Open Google Sheets.
  • The sheet tab name, which defaults to “Sheet 1,” appears to the left of the plus sign. Click on the plus sign.
  • A second sheet is created.
  • Your spreadsheet’s title should be on Sheet 1 and the list of data on Sheet 

List of Drop Down Data

  • Create two columns on Sheet 1. Create headers by freezing the top row. To do this, select View > Freeze > One Row.
  • A person/item should be listed in column A.
  • A dropdown list that describes the item should appear in column B.
  • Column A of your List Datasheet (Sheet 2) should contain the data that will be included in your dropdown box.
  • In the case of a rainbow dropdown box, the values are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Indigo.

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Use the “List From Range” dropdown menu.

You can apply a dropdown list to multiple cells, and you can create new dropdown lists with compatible list options after creating the dropdown list from a range.

  • Go back to Sheet 1. Make a dropdown list for all the cells in column B.
  • Under Data, choose Data Validation. You can then enter the specifications in the dialog box.
  • Click the option labeled “List from range.”
  • The dropdown list will be sourced from the range of values you enter within the text box next to this option.
  • Continue to open the pop-up window and navigate to the List Datasheet (Sheet 2).
  • Highlight the cells containing the list data after clicking the range input box.
  • When finished, click the “OK” button. That will fill out the text box with the range.
  • Check the box next to “Show dropdown list in cell.”
  • On invalid Data is a checkbox below this one. It will instruct Google Sheets to handle data input into the dropdown column on the primary sheet that isn’t part of the dropdown list.
  • When you click on “Show warning,” you will see that it is not on the list. If you select “Reject input,” the data will not be allowed to be entered.
  • When done, click “Save.”

Drop Down “List of Items”

Alternatively, you can enter a list of items directly into a dropdown menu. For smaller projects, this works best.

  • To display a dropdown menu, select the cell where it should appear.
  • To verify the data, select Data > Data Validation.
  • To view the list of criteria, select the checkbox next to it.
  • There should be a list of items in the text box next to your selection.
  • After selecting your invalid data, you will need to save it.


It’s important to test your dropdown menu after creating it to ensure it works properly. Visit the primary sheet to check the dropdown menu. In the right corner of each cell, you should sheet an arrow. The arrow indicates that a dropdown menu has been successfully created.

Your Google Sheet skills will instantly become cooler when you learn to create dropdown lists. Knowledge of the program gives you an edge. It also makes maintaining master lists easier if you are handling data entry.

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