How to Copy Spotify Playlist

How to Copy a Spotify Playlist

There are many playlists on Spotify. It’s easy to copy a playlist and customize it yourself if it contains songs you’d like to change. Find out how to copy spotify playlist.

spotify playlist

Playlists can be created this way without having to start from scratch. There are pre-made playlists close to what you want, and you can copy and customize them yourself.

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You can copy a Spotify playlist by following these steps.

You can only copy Spotify playlists from the desktop and web apps. It will look the same on the web as on the desktop app.

Locate the playlist you wish to copy in the Spotify app on the desktop or web.

To highlight the first song, click on it.

To select all songs, press Ctrl+A (Cmd+A on a Mac). In addition, you can click the last song on the playlist while holding down the Shift key.

You can add a new playlist by right-clicking on the highlighted songs and selecting Add to Playlist.

As a result, a playlist will be created with all selected songs and named by the first track in the playlist. You can then modify the playlist’s title and cover, just like any other playlist.

You’re done! Now you can delete or add songs however you like. Make this playlist yours by personalizing it.

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