How to Choose Wireless Charger

How to Choose Wireless Charger

It is convenient to charge your smartphone wirelessly, but not all chargers are the same. A particular charger is more compatible with your phone than others. How to choose wireless charger? Here’s what you need to know.

How to Choose Wireless Charger
How to Choose Wireless Charger

Let’s clear the air before diving in. Wireless chargers require a phone that can charge wirelessly. The assumption that all phones today include this technology is understandable, but that is not the case. Just perform a web search to find out if your phone has it.

Qi Is Key for buying wireless charger

Several wireless charging standards competed for prominence for a short time, but this did not last. Almost all wireless charging phones use the Qi standard, pronounced “chee”. iPhones are no exception.

Think of it as a USB standard. With a USB-C phone, you can’t use a micro-USB charger. To wirelessly charge a Qi-enabled phone, you also need a Qi charger. That’s it. There aren’t any viable alternatives to Qi out there anyway, but it is something to keep in mind.

Look for USB-C

Wireless charging still involves some wires, even though it’s wireless. Some wireless chargers still use micro-USB. Although technically, these are fine, a USB-C model would be better.

How? Micro-USB chargers utilize the old “QuickCharge” standard, which has a lower power limit than the newer “Power Delivery” standard used by USB-C devices. The USB-C wireless chargers are therefore more powerful and more future-proof.

You probably have a USB-C port on your phone as well, unless you have an iPhone. In this case, unplug the wireless charger and connect the cable directly to your phone if you improve charging speeds.

Wattage Matters… Kinda

Any Qi charger will work with any Qi-enabled phone. In contrast, the best wireless charger for a Galaxy S21 may not be the best charger for an iPhone 13. Here’s what you need to know.

Wireless charging speeds vary from phone to phone. Samsung devices utilize their wireless charging protocol called “Fast Wireless Charging.” If you purchase a wireless charger that supports this, you can charge up to 15W.

The iPhone uses a similar charging protocol. The iPhone can be charged more quickly with wireless chargers designed specifically for MagSafe. The iPhone will charge with any Qi charger, just not as quickly.

That’s the important thing to remember. As long as the phone supports Qi charging, you can use a Qi wireless charger to charge it. Get a wireless charger made specifically for your device so you can charge it at the fastest speed possible.

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What’s the Best Wireless Charger?

Style is the only other factor to consider, aside from the connector type and wattage. Is it better to stand it up on a flat pad or a stand? How do you envision the aesthetic? The wireless charger market is flooded with various options.

Best Buy and Amazon offer a wide selection of wireless chargers at different prices. Our sister site Review Geek has compiled a list of the fastest wireless chargers. We appreciate this wireless charger from Anker, which is inexpensive. We love it.

Find a wireless charger that matches your style. You do not have to match the exact specifications of your phone. Even at its fastest speeds, wireless charging is always slower than wired charging. When you aren’t in a hurry, overnight or during the workday is the best time to use a wireless charger. Hope you all get an idea for how to choose wireless charger.

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