How to Choose the Best Android Tablet?

How to Choose the Best Android Tablet?

Android-powered tablets and smartphones have successfully carved out their niche within the smartphone and tablet market. In addition to the user-friendly interface and the affordable apps and games available with Android devices, they are also renowned for their affordable prices. Know How to Choose the Best Android Tablet?.

Although these apps were already available on various smartphones before Android, they were too expensive to be affordable for everyone. Since Android-based smartphones and tablets came on the market, this entire range of high-end games and apps has become more affordable for the masses.

How to Choose the Best Android Tablet?
How to Choose the Best Android Tablet?

There are several reasons why Android tablets are better than other tablets. With Android tablets, you will find one of the most powerful and portable operating systems available today, its operating system. You can also customize it to your needs. Several automobile manufacturers worldwide are also interested in Android because of its reliability and powerful features so that their customers can find something useful and engaging.

The Android tablet market has been exploding in recent years, and there are now a variety of tablets to choose from. Besides these features, the new range of applications and games with these tablets is also impressive. People are often left confused by all the choices available to them. Following are some factors that need to be kept in mind before investing in an Android-powered tablet to make it easier for everyone to make a wise and easy buying decision. Here are some things to consider before buying an Android tablet to make a wise decision.

1. Purpose/ Usage of tablet

It is interesting to note that the Android operating system is available on many tablets. You can find user-friendly educational tablets for kids and utility tablets for adults. It was designed specifically for kids to participate in various educational programs included in their curriculum through the Kid’s Safe Tablet. You can also use the device for solving puzzles and games. Besides the usual adult tablets, there are also larger and more sophisticated ones. Such tablets can perform as efficiently as a full-sized laptop.

It is beneficial to choose separate tablets for you and your children since you will reduce the wear and tear that kids often leave on their parents’ tablets. It is important to determine your purpose for buying an Android tablet before beginning.

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2. Size of the tablet

Having determined the purpose of purchasing an Android tablet, determine the size. You can choose from a wide range of sizes for Android tablets. A tablet has the advantage of a small and compact size, which is one of the most interesting and appealing features. They are easy to carry and maintain because of a tablet’s sleek design and smart build. The problem with carrying a PC is that it is cumbersome, and laptops are huge, so tablets are a welcome alternative.

Compared to other tablets available on the market, the Android 7 inch tablets are vastly cheaper. On the other hand, if you plan to play games or use apps on your tablet, then the 10-inch tablets are ideal for you. However, bigger tablets also have advantages, even if they are easier to carry around. A big tablet is a convenient device if, for instance, you wish to watch movies or play games. Larger tablets are more enjoyable and mesmerizing since they can be customized readily. Taking the size of the tablet into consideration is the second factor to consider when picking out the right Android tablet.

3. The right Android operating system

You can choose from various versions of Android, just as there are iOS versions. There are different features in each version. Besides the Android 1.5 (Cup Cake) version, eight others are on the market. Google’s Android operating system was released with version 4.4 (Kit Kat). What version of Android you want on your tablet is entirely up to the buyer. Therefore, they will be able to use all of the features available for that particular version of Android on their tablet.

Aside from that, certain applications and games may or may not be upgradeable to higher versions when they are released. Therefore, any buyer looking to purchase a tablet with Android 2.3 or lower should be cautious. It is because they are not compatible with Flash. Make sure to choose a version of Android that is compatible with Flash. The user can decide based on the reasons behind buying a tablet and their personal preferences.

4. The right manufacturer

In today’s digital world, there are relatively few very powerful tablet manufacturers considering the popularity and fan following of Android tablets. Because it is worth putting your hands on each of these tablets, it is a dilemma. Tablets powered by Android come from various manufacturers, including Sony, Google, Samsung, etc.

Choosing one tablet out of the numerous Android tablets may not be that challenging. This is because each manufacturer may provide additional features and perform differently. To determine what Android tablet is right for you, you have to be clear about the features and specifications you expect to present in the tablet.

5. What’s your budget?

A tablet is running an Android operating system costs depending on the version installed and the features it offers. The final price of a tablet is determined by several factors, such as the operating system, the features, the build, the design, the utility, and the size. Smaller tablets are less expensive than their larger counterparts, but it solely depends on the user’s needs and budget.

6. Does your tablet connect to the Android market?

The Android market is not accessible from every tablet powered by Android. Because Google does not have direct control over Android, most tablets cannot access it. Android releases new versions to the public regularly, and there is nothing Google can do about them. It does, however, control the Android market as a whole. Android versions below 2.2 will never be able to access the Android market. There will undoubtedly be some apps you can use, but most utility apps and games will be far beyond your grasp.

If you cannot download all the apps and games available on the Android market, you must be wondering what the point of buying an Android tablet is. Thus, considering this is another important factor to consider while buying any tablet powered by Android.

7. Tablets may/ may not require a data plan

Android tablets do not have to have 3G/4G wireless data access to use Wi-Fi connectivity. They are often sold at an affordable price due to their collaboration with cellular service providers. If you are thinking about investing in an Android tablet, make sure it is covered for two years over the price. Also, check how much data will be available under this plan. When choosing a plan, always go for one that is scalable in the future.

8. Say no to Modified Androids

Manufacturers can modify Android tablets similarly to how they change the interfaces in other Android devices. Manufacturers often state that it is a wonderful thing, but there are also some limitations.

One of the disadvantages is that these remodelled versions often behave differently. Users of the modified version of Android may experience difficulties because of this. That’s why you should always download the original Android version.

A difficult decision is certainly making the right investment in an Android tablet. Nonetheless, you will not be able to look back after investing in the right tablet.

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