How to check your Android phone’s notifications on a Windows PC

How to check your Android phone’s notifications on a Windows PC

Windows started managing Android notifications in 2019 after Microsoft developed a system of its own. With the Microsoft notification feature, it is possible to see your Android phone’s messages as they arrive on your PC and see your SMS history and any pending notifications on demand. Learn How to check your Android phone’s notifications on a Windows PC.

How to check your Android phone’s notifications on a Windows PC
How to check your Android phone’s notifications on a Windows PC

It’s even possible to reply to messages directly from the computer or compose new messages. The Windows app, previously known as Your Phone, has been recently renamed Phone Link, a much better name.

Follow these steps to get started. (These instructions assume you’re running Windows 11. However, it will be similar to Windows 10.) You’ll be moving back and forth from your computer to your phone, so get ready.

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Ensure that Your Phone is the latest version on your Windows computer by following these steps:

  • Search for Phone Link on the Microsoft Store.
  • Download the app and install it on your computer.
  • Click Open to begin using the app.
  • It will open up Your Phone. Choose Start now.
  • Microsoft will remind you which account you’re logged into. To proceed, you do not have to change arrangements.

Do you understand? Great. Now let’s talk about the phone.

  • The Link to Windows app will be set up on your Android phone after receiving instructions. Most smartphones require typing in the web address, or you can search for it in the Play Store and then install it. You will find a Link to Windows already installed on your Surface Duo or certain Samsung smartphones.
  • You can tap Link your phone and PC in the Link to Windows app.

Let’s return to the computer.

  • The Link to the Windows app should be ready when you see the checkbox. To pair with the QR code, check the checkbox and click Pair. An image of a QR code will appear.

Return to your mobile device.

  • The QR code on your PC should be able to be read by a box that asks if it is ready. When it is prepared, tap your phone’s Continue button. Give the application permission to capture and record videos.
  • Take a picture with your phone and scan the QR code on your computer. Now you are connected.
  • Accept the various permissions the app asks for.
  • When staying connected, the app will notify you of battery drain. Tap Continue, followed by either granting or refusing background run permissions.
  • You’ll be prompted to check your computer by your phone, and you’ll see that you’re all set by your computer.

On your computer

  • It will appear in your taskbar once the app has been downloaded. Then, you will learn about everything you can do, including seeing notifications, sending texts, viewing photos, and making calls.

There is still much more that you can do. The last step is to set up notifications sent through the website.

  • Click on See my notifications while still on the introductory screen. You’ll see Notifications in the left-hand menu if you’re in the main Phone Link app window. If you want to sync notifications, you’ll be prompted.
  • Go to the settings on your phone. Click on the Settings icon—select Device notifications from the list of options. You can select the Link to Windows app on the left-hand side and toggle it on or off.
  • Tap Allow allowing the application to access your PC.

You’re done! The Phone Link app will now show you any notifications on your phone. Text messages can be received and replied to, photos can be seen, and even calls can be made (both phones have to be connected via Bluetooth). Additionally, four buttons on your phone allow you to control the following features: Do Not Disturb, Bluetooth, volume on / off, and audio player.

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