Establishing an Ethics Framework for AI Self-Driving Cars

Navigating Moral Dilemmas on the Road Ahead Self-driving cars powered by artificial intelligence (AI) promise major benefits for society, such as reduced accidents, increased mobility, and improved fuel efficiency. However, they also raise complex ethical questions given their ability to make life-and-death decisions on the road. How should AI-based autonomous vehicles be programmed to handle … Read more

The Risks and Ethical Challenges of Artificial Intelligence

Introduction Artificial intelligence (AI) holds tremendous promise to transform society and improve lives. However, the rapid advancement of AI also raises complex risks and ethical dilemmas that must be addressed responsibly as the technology evolves. AI Can Perpetuate Harmful Biases AI systems rely on data and algorithms designed by humans. Unfortunately, this data and code … Read more

The Need for AI Ethics and Governance Frameworks

Guiding the Responsible Development of Transformative Technologies As artificial intelligence (AI) systems grow more advanced and integrated into society, there is an urgent need to establish ethical frameworks and governance policies that guide AI’s responsible development and deployment. Without proper safeguards and oversight in place, these transformative technologies risk exacerbating historic biases, inequities, and threats … Read more